Part of our ethos is to ensure all our builds, fit outs and refurbishments do not have a damaging effect on the environment. We have a number of certifications and accreditations that ensure all our projects are in line with industry and environmental assessments.

Our Environmental Management System commits us to the following objectives:

  • To protect the environment by preventing or mitigating adverse environmental impacts of our activities
  • To mitigate the potential adverse effect of environmental conditions on the organisation
  • To enhance environmental performance
  • To control or influence the way the organisation’s products and services are designed, distributed, consumed and disposed of by using a life cycle perspective that can prevent environmental impacts from being unintentionally shifted elsewhere within the life cycle
  • To achieve financial and operational benefits that can result from implementing environmentally sound alternatives
  • To communicate environmental information to relevant interested parties

Construction Waste

Waste created by construction is inevitable. So we instigate Construction Waste Management Plans which aim to reduce construction waste to minimal levels by the following actions:

  • Consider if material can be reused in the project
  • Separate recyclable materials at source (wood, metal, plasterboard, hardcore, cardboard etc) for separate collection by recycling specialists
  • Only use licenced waste carriers for collection of general waste for further off site processing and recycling

Furniture Products

All the manufacturers we use at Vernier are committed to protecting the environment. We are proud of our environmental credentials and the processes we and our suppliers adopt to respond to the ever changing world we live in.
All of the companies we deal with have the ISO 14001 standard as a minimum requirement. We however, require much more. Current programmes include:

  • Carbon Offset – we expect all our products to be carbon neutral
  • Landfill Reduction – we are working with our suppliers to make all packaging recyclable
  • Recycled Content – we try to source products with as much recycled content as possible, some of our ranges are made from 95% recycled content.

Timber Based Materials

Vernier are committed to the responsible procurement of forest products. Our long-term intention is to source all forest products we procure directly or indirectly from well managed forests which have been verified to credible certification standards.

We will work with our supply chain to ensure that where possible all forest products originate from FSC-certified sources.

Our timber procurement policy requires that all timber and wood-derived products have Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification, or in cases where it is not possible to source FSC-certified products, we will source from independently verifiable legal and sustainable sources.


Flooring materials

Seek to select and use materials having high level of recycled material content and to promote the environmental advantages of such products to our clients.

Electrical & Lighting

We work with our specialist electrical and lighting contractors and consultants to identify, specify and install products that have low energy use, have a long and reliable lifespan and are capable of being repaired.


HVAC Systems

We work with our specialist mechanical contractors and consultants to identify, specify and install products that have low energy use, have a long and reliable lifespan and are suitable for repair. In particular we will investigate and consider new technologies which provide improvements in energy use and alternative passive control of environmental building conditions.

Building Energy Performance Certificates

We can and do undertake Energy Performance calculations on proposed projects and look at ways energy performance can be improved in the completed project by design and product selection during the design development stage.