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Encouraging businesses back to their offices and embracing the new working style of home working is one of the major obstacles facing businesses Post Covid.

Over many year’ workspaces have seen a move towards open plan and activity- based styles encouraging collaboration in the work place. Flexible and agile working is set to continue. How can we then design offices that will provide reassurance and trust for those nervous to return and still create productive and collaborate environments that allow for collaboration and connectivity?

Moveable see through screens are an obvious start but only a short-term solution. The real key will be flexibility. Furniture and walls that can be easily moved. Meeting pods that can be made smaller or larger to create new spaces to suit the needs of the teams. Modular furniture solutions that allow large meeting rooms to become auditorium spaces and put back again.
Hot desking is all about shared space, shared technology, something post Covid, will be difficult to continue with. Staggering of work teams, increasing space, regular cleaning and sanitising stations all need to be considered in future planning. This will help build confidence in the returning to work.

Large meeting rooms we have already seen become a thing of the past. However smaller meeting rooms can allow for social distancing if the number of people in them is reduced and will still be a great opportunity to collaborate in a safe environment.

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