What does 2020 have in store for workplace design trends?
As trends change and develop what can we expect in 2020? Sustainability and well being will definitely be top of the list as we move towards environmentally conscious living and mental health awareness.


This is an area that is growing exponentially as we become more and more educated about the environment and the impact we are all having. As overseas trips reduce and a mix of home and office-based working becomes more popular employers are looking to create more private spaces so that conference and video calls can be carried out to accommodate this way of working. Encouraging different ways of travelling to work including cycling will mean designing space for bike storage but also showering/changing facilities so that people are fresh to start the day. Looking locally for design materials is becoming more popular and will significantly lower your carbon footprint


Creating workplaces that look and feel healthy have been proved to increase productivity, improve morale and positively effect staff retention. Embracing workplace wellbeing in your office design can be as simply as creating informal break out spaces for informal meetings or private booths for concentrated work or confidential calls. Sit/Stand desks are becoming more popular as more research is proving that standing while working can reduce stress levels and blood pressure.
Allowing your teams the opportunity to unwind and recharge by creating areas for pool table or table tennis will have a positive impact and ensure they stay fresh and motivated. However you choose to create these areas employees are looking for employers who cater for these needs as they become more commonplace.

Bringing the outside in

This has been a growing trend for a number of years and we see no signs of it changing. Often described as Biophilic Design workers in office environments with natural elements such as greenery and sunlight see a rise in wellbeing, more creativity and productivity. This can include living walls, creating views through the workspace, incorporate natural finishes in the design. Including plants in your workplace isn't just on trend and aesthetically pleasing, they actually help to improve air quality in your office.

All the comforts of home

More workplaces are adding lounge areas and comfortable seating to their spaces for informal meetings or quiet places to sit. These create an extension of the home. The use of colour can have an impact on mood with some creating a sense of calm and others lively, dynamic environments. Artwork whether framed or personalised graffiti will all help with productivity, creativity and employee retention.
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