Imagine you had work done at home, an extension or alterations, and the builder you used just came in, got on with it, proactively dealt with any issues that arose and completed the works to a high standard, within the arranged time-frame and for the agreed price. I am sure you would use them again and would probably recommend them to your friends.

At Vernier we take exactly this approach, but just on larger, commercial projects. Before you have worked with us it is hard to get across the difference this makes to the success of a project, but once you have, it is tangible.....

Experience the difference

We provide customers with a very high standard of service that in turn generates repeat business. We work exclusively with our small client base and there is no dilution of attention or focus.

The Expectation

Value, quality and knowledge are industry standards.

We understand our clients and their very particular requirements and their loyalty provides us with security and a reliable work stream. We do not take our client’s business for granted, we maintain our commitment and loyalty at all times.

The Exception

Our standards demand loyalty, honesty and reliability.

We share with our clients the benefits of a strong relationship and regular transactions. The aggregate value of this business model means lower costs for both parties, promotes trust, a responsive approach and an exceptional level of service.